Shhh…. a sneak preview of new apps from Cultural Infusion

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Our team has been working hard to create a new app named World Of Instruments. We used a gamification design approach. So first we established the audience and the learning outcomes eg Primary School age children will recognise and name 20 types of instruments, and sort these instruments into four types.
The narrative was established that Joko is asked to help clean up the room and organise a mess of instruments. Each instrument appears in flash cards with information on the flip side. A big trunk has four sections and the player uses drag and drop to place the instruments into the appropriate category. Each successful activity earns trophies.

Initial testing with players has been really positive. The graphics are just superb. One child said that they deserved 30 out of 10! The children also gave high scores for the game play and all said that they would recommend the app to their friends.
We are now working on making a promotional video to be released soon. Here are some of the storyboards as a sneak preview. Read more about our Joko’s World apps on our website.

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