Joko’s World comprises of a suite of interactive learning apps that blend music, geography and culture in a unique and educational way. Joko’s World offers an interactive learning environment that works to challenge, stimulate and engage kids, as they play.

The Joko’s World suite introduces children to a diverse range of cultures by providing an environment where kids can interact with unique customs and traditions of the world. Joko invites users on an adventure of exploration with the ultimate goal of improving cultural awareness and understanding. This digital learning platform was created by Australian’s Cultural Infusion for use on smartphones and tablets (iphone and Android).

Joko’s World team is developing the product with the following principles in mind:

Game-based motivation design:
Players musical, geographical and cultural skills gradually develop through challenging gameplay and the provision of instant feedback. Concurrently they learn new instruments, songs and rhythms from cultures around the world.

Multimodal learning:
Through the simultaneous engagement of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic interaction, the players learning retention is enhanced. Players tap, strum, blow into and shake their devices in coherence with music and animated visual cues.

Training of transferable music skills:
By designing the applications with a kinaesthetic experience, resembling techniques required to play the actual instrument, players develop muscle memory and learn how instruments work.

Education in Joko’s World

How are Joko’s World apps educational?

Joko’s apps provide children with access to different kinds of music’ and their instruments from all around the world! They also act as a music teacher’s aid due to their interactive style as well as helping parents to nurture their children’s musical talents with the encouragement and support of Joko’s help.

Joko’s Project was born at Cultural Infusion

Joko’s World was conceived in early 2013 with the aim of advancing the principles adopted in the organisation’s internationally recognised project, Sound Infusion: bringing the cultures of the world together through music.

• Winner of the 2013 ANZIA (Australian New Zealand Internet Awards)
• Winner of the 2013 United Nations Intercultural Innovation Award
• Third Place in the 2013 Australian Regional IMS Learning Impact Awards

The first stage in our app series was ‘Joko’s World: Tambourine’, which gave children access to drums from all around the world. Players are invited to tap and shake their device as though it were a real live instrument.

Joko’s World: Tambourine’ was followed by:
– ‘Joko’s World: Balafon’ Similar to Tambourine, with children learning about and playing tuned percussion of West Africa and Guatemala.
– ‘Joko World: Splatfest’ A gameplay focused foray into the messy festivals of the world.
– ‘Joko’s World: Pocket Planet’ A geography and cultural puzzle game.

More exciting and innovative products are coming soon. Lookout for ‘Joko’s World: Flute’ which will explore Joko’s favourite instrument, and the encyclopaedic World of Musical Instruments.

Cultural Infusion is a social enterprise located in Melbourne Australia that works with schools, youth, and the arts to promote cultural harmony for a more cohesive and richer society. Cultural Infusion believes in the importance of respect, understanding and sensitivity when moving within and between cultures.

The Joko’s World apps align with Cultural Infusion’s mission to build cultural harmony and wellbeing, they give players an opportunity to gain intercultural understanding, witness and engage in cultural and artistic expression, and ultimately celebrate the strength and vibrancy of our culturally diverse global community.