Joko’s Flute

Celebrate the beautiful sounds of bamboo flutes from around the world. Play games that teach you traditional songs from multiple cultures. Choose from an extensive musical instrument sound bank.

Play the Moseno of the Andes of South America, the Bansuri from the North of India and the Chinese Dizi. Our innovative interface teaches you flute fingerings, lets you blow on your device as though playing the real thing while teaching you traditional songs.

  • Realistic experience

    Joko’s Flute allow you to use the microphone for a simulated real flute experience.

  • Play different flutes

    Joko’s Flute gives the experience of playing instruments like the Bansuri, Moseño and Dizi.

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The instruments


Countries: India
The Bansuri is a flute from India. It is said to have been played by the Hindu god Krishna. When played by Krishna animals would stop and listen, rivers stopped flowing, and all were entranced. The Bansuri continues to play an important role in folk culture and religious ceremonies.


Country: Bolivia
The Moseño Flute is considered to have originated in the Sica Sica region of Bolivia.
A traditional instrument of the the Aymara-speaking Peoples the Moseño is plays an important role in the matrimonial Mosenada Dance.


Country: China
The Dizi is a Chinese transverse flute traditionally made out of bamboo. It has a unique buzzing and bright sound, which comes from its extra finger hole that is covered with a thin membrane.If you travel to China you can hear the flute in action in many opera performances, festivals, and street parades

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