Joko’s Pocket Planet

Play our world geography game that makes our planet a puzzle. Have fun locating countries, capital cities, flags, and famous landmarks. Find Joko’s alien friend Uci in a scavenger hunt around the world guaranteed to entertain for hours and make your knowledge of countries blast off.

  • Fun Puzzles

    Learn about the planet by spinning the globe and matching countries. Use cool hints, access wikipedia, and improving learn about the world by searching and matching countries borders.

  • Online Records

    Compare your score to the best online

  • Teacher Reporting (Coming Soon)

    Provide your class with a Code and see their results online

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The Games


Liechtenstein in Europe, and Uzbekistan in Asia are the only double landlocked counties in the world; they fit neatly in-between other countries that do not connect to the sea. See if you can fit the puzzle pieces of these and other countries neatly in their location.


Luxembourg City is the capital of Luxembourg, Mexico City is the Capital of Mexico, Kuwait City is the capital of Kuwait… but not all capitals are this easy! Test and improve your knowledge of the worlds capital cities. Which continent do you know best?


Did you know flags have ‘families’ just like people? These flag families, like human ones, often look like each other also. There is the Miranda, Belgrano, Pan-Iranian, and many others. Can you identify individual flags within these families? Find out in the flag challenges!


The world has so many beautiful cultural monuments and features. From the ancient Ziggurat temples in Iraq, to the Afrikaans Language Monument in South Africa. Challenge yourself to correctly place these beautiful hand drawn landmarks.

Finding Uci

Joko has a very special friend who has visited earth from another planet to learn about our culture. However, little Uci has gotten lost! Using a hint of the culture Uci was exploring, and your knowledge of countries, you must narrow down and discover where Uci is!

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