Joko’s Splatfest

Join Joko as he flies into the messiest festivals around the world. Navigate Joko through Holi in India, Flour Wars in Greece, and La Tomatina and La Raima in Spain. Dodge food, powder, obstacles and get splatted as you learn about our world’s many cultural celebrations through video gaming.

  • Dodge & throw

    Dodge powder with one hand and throw with the other!

  • Learn to win

    Imbedded Cultural trivia that provides in-game bonus’!

  • 4 festivals

    Four different Festivals from around the world!

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The Festivals


Country: India
In March thousands of people in India celebrate colour and the triumph of good over evil by throwing coloured powder at each other. One of the most colourful events in the world; Holi started as a celebration of the Hindu deity Krishna, but is now celebrated by people everywhere.

La Tomatina

Country: Spain
In the village of Bunol there is one of the world’s largest food fights. In La Tomatina the buildings are covered by tarps, and tomatos are delivered by trucks before thrown. No one is exactly sure how this tradition started, but it is one of the countries exciting and enjoyable events!

La Raima

Country: Spain
Back in the 1930s in Valencia farmers started celebrating the end of harvest by throwing their left over grapes at each other. Now around 40 – 50 tonnes of grapes are used and people from over the world come to participate in this revelry that is this fun festival.

Flour Wars

Country: Greece
What happens in Galaxidi when there is leftover flour before Christian Lent? The people get dressed up in windbreakers and surgical masks, head to the town centre, and throw it at each other of course! This happens every year around noon and the flour is often coloured.

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