Why contribute to Joko’s project?
The goal of Joko’s World is to lead the way in the development of cultural educational products for children. If you share our belief that children’s education plays a positive role in intercultural understanding and in the facilitation of social cohesion then you may be interested in a partnership with us. Joko’s World is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved in what is set to be a highly influential and important product in the field of intercultural education.

If your organisation wants be involved in future of Joko’s World please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

Organisations that seek to promote or are interested in any of the following values:

• Providing engaging and interactive learning environments for children
• Appreciation for world music and ethnomusicology
• Improving intercultural education and cross-cultural competence
• Contributing to a culturally aware society
• Using culture as tool for the development of artistic expression
• Helping children to become open-minded and respectful

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