About us

Joko’s World comprises a suite of interactive learning apps that blend music, geography and culture in a unique and educational way.

Joko’s World offers an interactive learning environment that works to challenge, stimulate and engage kids, as they play. The Joko’s World suite introduces children to a diverse range of cultures by providing an environment where kids can interact with unique customs and traditions of the world.

Joko invites users on an adventure of exploration with the ultimate goal of improving cultural awareness and understanding. This digital learning platform was created for use by Australian’s Cultural Infusion for use on smartphones and tablets (iPhone and Android).



  • Winner: SAE ATOM Awards (2018)
  • Winner: Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Australasia, Industry Category 2018
  • Highly Commended: Victorian Innovation Minister’s Diversity Award (2017)
  • Winner: Best Educational Mobile App Award - Silver Awards (2017)
  • Nominated: UN World Summit Award (WSA) Nomination (2017)
  • Winner: #TechDiversity Merit Award - Education (2017)
  • Winner: WISE Accelerator Award (2016-2017), Qatar Foundation

Joko’s World Project was born at Cultural Infusion

Cultural Infusion is Australia’s leading culture-in-education provider, founded in 2003 to promote intercultural harmony throughout Australia and worldwide.

Cultural Infusion partners with government and corporate bodies, community groups, schools and NGOs to deliver high-quality programs rich in diversity. Harnessing the power of art, education and technology through our suite of cultural events, workshops, training courses, digital tools, consulting services and school incursions, we deliver programs in Azerbaijan, Egypt, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Pakistan, UK and the US, and to more than 350,000 students annually in Australia.

Our work has won 15 international awards, including the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Intercultural Innovation Award. Cultural Infusion is an official partner of the Australian National Commission for UNESCO.